Coaching Session


Coaching Session



Hour Long Coaching Session

Topics could include:
• Assessing Career Goals
• Strategic Job Searching
• Resume Writing
• Cover Letter Writing
• LinkedIn Optimization
• Effective Networking
• Interview Prep
• Salary Negotiation 

Who is this Coaching Session for?

One hour is not a lot of time. Together in an hour we can accomplish some progress, but we cannot accomplish a TON of progress. Purchase an hour of coaching if you are close to a goal, but need some expert feedback or advice to get you to the last step.

  • Just landed a job and need advice negotiating your salary? Purchase this.

  • Have an idea about a career field you want to enter into, but need an objective (not your mom or best friend) opinion to help you sort out the details? Purchase this.

  • Recently updated a resume or cover letter and just want to talk it through with an expert? Purchase this.

  • Hate your job and want to find a career you find meaning in, but have no idea what that career is? DO NOT purchase this. One hour isn’t enough. Look into the Monthly Coaching Sessions.

  • Applying for a new career, but need to create a new resume, cover letter and brush up on your interviewing skills? DO NOT purchase this. One hour isn’t enough. Look into the Career Search Package or the Motivated Career Search Package.

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