Adulting 101 Past Speakers + Sessions

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Estate Planning for Millennials | Brett E. Ebert

If you’re like most millennials you just had to google “estate planning”. But you shouldn’t leave your end-of-life arrangements to Wikipedia. None of us want to think about dying, but all of us want to make sure our family and friends are not only taken care of but know our wishes if something unspeakable happens.

Whether you are married with 3 kids or single with a bar tab, Brett will talk you through what an estate plan is, critical components of the plan and why everyone over the age of 19 should have one.


Treating Your Personal Finances Like A Business | Matt Taylor

Money… It is an awkward thing to talk about. School doesn’t cover much of it. And what you are taught is not to talk about it with friends, co-workers, or anyone really. So when and how do you learn about this currency that drives our lives? 

Matt will bring light to this taboo topic to give you a look into different habits that can help you grow financially. He will spark your interest into different ways to earn. And he will bring a new perspective on how to achieve a lot with a little. It is a talk on balancing risk and reward with a focus on time. Thanks to his non-traditional background, expect to be entertained with his off the cuff presentation using gambling terminology and sports analogies to explain his thoughts on personal finance. He aims to change the way you think about money; how it is earned, what you spend it on, and how to grow it over time. This won’t be your typical investment talk!


Mastering the Job Interview with Storytelling | Sarah Collins 

Tell me about yourself. What are your greatest weaknesses? Are you a leader or a follower? 

Job interviews tend to make even the most confident people nervous. And it's no wonder because someone who you want to impress is sitting across from you asking you question after question and is judging you. Most people don't have formal training or practice in job interviewing. However, with a little coaching and practicing even the most nervous person can shine in an interview. This session will uncover typical and tough interview questions, will explore strategies to help you tell a story to answer questions confidently, and will provide you with opportunities to practice. 


Navigating Happy Hour | Anna Pressler

The Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) isn’t like other “alcohol workshops.” The science and real-life lessons learned can help you successfully navigate your next formal dinner, happy hour, or holiday party. Learn how alcohol actually gets into and out of your system, the truth behind tolerance, and how to have fun while not hating life the next day (or for the next 2, 3, or 4 days, once you hit 30).

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Change Comes From People Not Politics | Amanda Barker 


Politics. You either love to live them or love to leave them alone. But nothing good comes when people stop communicating about them. In this session, we will not only learn more about the power of voting, but we’ll also hear from Amanda Barker at Civic Nebraska about how to be an engaged citizen. Because you either are or you know you should be.